Hello people welcome to my video today, I'm going to show you how to change, how to change your proxy to in the air to change to India IP address or to get IP address from India, whatever there's a lot of what software's out there. But in my opinion, is one of the best softwares, because it's in the in the easy way you can change your IP address and you change you. Can you can change your proxy to the country that you want to change in this case we're going to change to India, so it is very easy, so you only need to you have two options to change country. You can change from here, or you can go directly to to here.

So one of the best things about these photos, you can this real depend. If you want to just visualize India, Indian websites, you only need to click, never change IP, because you don't need to change IP. Every every minute is one of the best things, but this is more about. If you want to use the software different software and some desam software that some programs they required to change IP address or to change IP, the proxy for every one minute or every five minutes, I have a ten minutes. This is why this is good software, and this is why I buy this software. It'S because I use some programs that they require to change the IP every one minute.

So in this case, if you want to just to visualize websites Indian website, you don't need to change IP all time, so you click, never change IP. You select the country, India, so, and you in this quick where you will change IP to India. So here is so, as you can see here, that the this office can change the IP address very quickly and that's going to test if the the EZ at IP has already changed the IP. Now we are in France, so in as you can see now we are in India. So, as you can see, this is a very easy software and you have these options, so you can change the proxy India proxies or the location, the IP location.

You can change for every time as you wish, for example, if you want to change for every 1 minute, you just need to select to change every 1 minute, so every one minute the the the VPN will change the IP address to to other location. In the same country, in this case from India, so let's go into wait a little bit more to confirm that this also can change the IP after 1 minute because we selected here one minute so there's a lot of different companies that this sells very similar softwares With the same similar name, so I would that's why I will recommend you to view you go to the website on the on the description on the video and in that way you you can go directly to the the website where the these this software is located.

So, the after you click on the on the the link on the website. This one description: you will be redirected to this to this website here which you can have two options to download the software. So you will have you don't have nothing to use you? Can you can enjoy the software for three days so in that way you can test if it's working to watch the the Indian websites that you are looking for or for any other proposes, so you will you have three days to for texting this this website. The idea is this software, and this is one of the best things yeah. It'S right. I already tried to other companies before and must most of them they read the way they required.

We pay before tests. So I really don't like that that that's way because we first we must to try and just after if we are happy we can buy. So I was I was happy. So that's why I buy this amazing software and that's why I promote to more people, know more about this software. So, as you can see here, you have the price after three days, the it's not a good and the other great part of this. This completely because the price is not the killer price, you can you can. If you want to enjoy just one more vulture you can for less than five dollars. You can enjoy the this amazing software, the easy at IP for one month or if you want, for example, to use that that's also for all year, so it's 30 dollars so which is not expensive and you can enjoy from other country.

The Indian websites for all. Here and if you are, if you are happy with the software, so you can save more money if you enjoyed for two years, which is a little bit more cheaper than for one year, as I see here for one year's 29.95, so for two years is, is Going to be almost fifty dollars, which is not, it is very cheap. If you compare with other companies, I'm wasn't sure. If you've been in all the companies, they are much more expressive than that one, and this is war and they don't have. The functionality is about this soft, like this software, which which you can change every five minutes.

Everyone needed every ten minutes, every twenty minutes to use all the kind of programs not to if you want just to visualize some Indian website, so you don't need to change every one minute. You just need to select, never change IP. So in that way you can enjoy, this doesn't make any difference. If you change change IP everyone in it, you can still watch the Indian websites, but you don't need to to change every one minute you just need to fix with the to lock. With the same the same IP, so yeah and you can enjoy the website and when you want to back again to your real IP address, so you just need to disconnect and automatically you will back to the same location IP.

Then you are from so she's. Very quick software's is a very good source, very cheap, and I will recommend you to try and and to test it for three days and and please comment on this video. If you, what do you think about this software and tell what website you can enjoy with this software? What Indian website you can you can watch and what programs you can use or not use with this software? So in that way you can help other people too. To know more about this software and to know what they can expect about this, the this amazing software is called easy at IP. So I hope you rate if you liked this video and sorry about my English, but mine is not my main language.

So if you want to rate this video, please is only take one second, and this can help to to me to get more use and help other people to visualize this video. Ok, thanks for watching and have a nice day.

First, at this video I'd like to say a quick shout out to onyx networks, onyx networks is set up by Bradley and the coding beast so Bradley is the guy who does all the editing and the stuff on the forums, and he also might know that occurred In beast yeah, this is just my way of saying thank you to him by giving his channel little shout-out before this video, so they upload gameplay videos, montages giveaways, some, maybe some coding videos and things like that and link to their channels in the description below be Really awesome, if you guys could check it out so yeah onwards, with the video hey guys, welcome back to a new video tutorial.

Today, I'm going to be showing you how to make your own potentially free proxy website. So you can see proxy jet tutorials comm. Is this Chuck tutorials proxy for secure and browsing on the internet? Now this is powered by something called life. If I'm saying that correctly and I'll show what the gly page looks like um, it's a web-based proxy script written in PHP, and it's literally so easy to do. You don't really have to do any work and the glide it does all the work for you in regards to getting all the proxy sites, and things like that.

So you've probably seen this before, just because a lot of websites use it. If I just go to a random, let's see proxy website a random practice, just a random proxy website that that isn't, hidemyass or something you'll, probably see gly pin action be able to find one other, because i'm awesome yeah. It cuts into fine dinner yeah. A lot of people use, it is what you need to know. I can't find anything right now. I probably should have been prepared before i did the video, but anyway so I'll, show you what my IP is now well I'll show you a part of it anyways.

Well, it's my P. You can see at the moment this is my IP address, we'll just keep an eye out for the 92, but here the rest of it's going to be blanked out, and if I go to Google using this website, the proxy website will continue anywhere. It isn't HTTP, but you know what can you do sort of it? What'S my IP and you can see that my IP address is completely different, so we're actually I'm I in the world right now. Let'S have a look more information about me. So apparently I am in when it loads, I don't think, is gon na load.

We are in. Let'S have a look on here. Can we see maybe not but yeah so life does all the work for you and it's probably cuz. We remove scripts and see if that works anyway, we'll go back to the web site here, so yeah life does all the work for you. All you need to do is install it and that's why I'm going to be showing you how to do today, you're going to need a web host now you can buy one. If you want, I recommend the fast, which is who I use. They'Ve got web hosting from one pound 49 per month.

I'Ve been using them for nearly two years now and that's what all my websites run on. Oh, you could probably use zero web host. Other, don't use them anymore because they had a big. Was it a credential? Lika think I remember it without long ago. I don't really use them anymore, just because I have, and I have a web host just don't need to use free ones. So you're just gon na need to find yourself a web host might work on localhost, I'm not too sure you can always try using WAMP, but anyway, I'm just going to set up how to install this and I'll get back to you in a second.

So all I'm going to do here is create my subdomain, so you can see the other subdomain. I'Ve got his reviews, dr charles calm, and that will redirect yourself to a folder called reviews. So that's what i'm going to do now. I thoughtyou my guys might want to see this if you already have a domain name, so the subpoena man's gon na be proctor for the jet tutorials domain. You can make it proxy dot reviews jet tutorials, but i'm just going to make it proxy dojo tutorials and then i'm gon na press create and that will create, as i think it will create as the folder as well, where we will install guaipe.

So if ever install wordpress the it's very similar on how to do so here we are in FileZilla. So this is my website. You can see, we've got a new folder called proxy and in there we've just got CGI bin. So now what we need to do is download the life so we'll just go to the website, we'll go to download, we'll agree and download it, and it's a very small download and we're going to extract all the files into FileZilla. So literally just grab this stuff and put it in there and it will look blood all the things to FileZilla and then we can go ahead and install it once it's finished.

So there we go we're all installed very quickly and we're just going to go to our subdomain here. So we can go to proxy learjet tutorials comm, and this is what the light will look like. So it's the first time in used installation so when it said when it's found, the sentence file was found and is writable. The installation can proceed, do not leave the script at this stage. So if I leave this at this stage, we are open to a problem. So we can enter some details here. These are the details I'm going to use because I'm assuming I'll probably remember the password and I'm gon na press submit.

So this is what we get so we have our control panel here and how to access the control panel. You just do proxy Jetstar's, comm, slash admin, and that will let you on to the proxy. I had the pox control panel, so we've got a number of different settings. If I just actually show you what the page looks like now, it looks like this and you might have seen this before, because this is what gleich looks like and I've seen this before. So maybe you guys have seen it as well, so we're going to go back onto this and we can have a look at what we've got so we've got our PHP versions, I see URL version and it just you know, checks everything and we can go to Our settings here he can input a license key the license keys for advertising.

I think you can change the theme, but you can also get themes which I'm going to show you how to do as well. There'S a temporary directory, the SSL warning foot has included your a link code in hot, linking login, so login. His way you can enable logging are not, and I'm basically it will show you what everyone's accessing and put them into a log file. I'M gon na switch mine off because I don't really care what people are doing and you can also restrict to websites that are going through or you can whitelist websites and blacklist them and then you've got the IP bans which kind of cool and you've got cookies.

And maintenance and user configurable options and yeah so got all of that. And if you go here, we can see that it can view log. So I'll show you how what logs look like so I'll, enable two logs and log all requests and then save the changes, and what I'm going to do here is go to youtube.com my cat type, and we are on YouTube here. We'Re viewing in English us and all I'm going to do is go to FileZilla, I'm gon na go to my logs folder. Where lies: where is the logs? I have lost it.

Where does it save it to logs lockbox LC? There we go right, so the folder was never existed, so let's just do one of them, so the log file is stored in the temp folder. So if you go to TMP logs and there's our log and if we view or edit this, you can see all the traffic coming from an IP address, which I will need to blank out. Just to reminder for myself and I'll show you where they are going, and then these are all ads, I'm guessing I'm pretty sure they're all ads so I'll, just stuff it loads as well as ok.

So that is awesome all right! I'M gon na show you how to put in a theme, so I'm gon na type into Google, you like themes and we're going to reload the page and we're gon na reload, the page again and again and okay, so the that websites, not working brilliant awesome. You are ruining my video so go to globe themes. This is a different website. I'Ve never used this before. Apparently, that is under construction. So we can't use that. Let'S have a look at this one. That'S really not because I really wanted to use this one wonder if I've still got the one downloaded, so, unfortunately, the website ones use is down which had the FEMA I wanted to use.

I will do a follow-up video to this on how to install themes, but what we else we can do is we can actually change some information on this page. So this is inside the FileZilla and we can go to the config file which is somewhere because what happens is: is the config file controls all the information for every single theme? So basically the themes - the page is always static, but the theme is control. What it looks like so, if I go to the themes folder here, I come over, which theme we are using, so just go to slash admin.

Edit settings phim it's going to be default, so we need to go into our default folder. Here we can download this config file, so just good that stuff and download that and we'll open another plus. So you can see here we can change some stuff here. So we've got our site name. We'Ve got our meta description, meta keywords, description, indexable form and index below from proxied, so we can change here. So we can change this to check guitar in order to this instead, because it's neater - because this is still going to be live when this video goes up.

So we can actually change this information as well. So this is a description text which is here this information here, so we'll change that information to toriel's proxy for anonymous browsing. Something like that and we'll leave this information here, because it doesn't have as many configurable options as my old one did, which sucks so then. What we can do is upload the config file back and overwrite that one refresh and there we go so it's kind of crappy. So, unfortunately, that is what happens when the page goes down, and so, if you wondering about removing this kind of stuff, if you I've already tried it, if you remove illogical error out and will let you use the page anymore, so you have to have the credibility Credibility to glide on your proxy page, but that's okay, because this is a really good little software package submit.

So that is the end of this video tutorial. It'S relatively short, well, ten minutes, but it's kind of shorter than I wanted it to be. Just wanted to show you these themes that this guy was making bits pages down under yeah, so very much for watching, please like and subscribe. If you enjoy the video, don't forget to check out my website, jet tutorials comm, hey check out my Facebook and Twitter and yeah all in the description below and if gets you by games using my g2a referral link. All the money goes back to you guys and giveaways, and things like up.

I remember for watching any questions. Please leave them on the forums. I shall see you again next time.